Problem with the leaderboards: No data available in table

We are making some changes to the leaderboards, and it seems that there’s a bug when you first load the Stall Catchers analysis page:

We’re working to fix this, but for now, just click on the right tab & select “Today” (or any other ones you need!) to see the leaderboard!

The problem is fixed now! :blush:

Hi @seplute (Egle)
You may have fixed the leaderboard problems on the analysis page, but were you aware that the standalone leaderboard is still off-line? Perhaps you are still making changes and it will be back on-line soon. Still getting the following message:


Dear @gcalkins,

Sorry for not getting back to you right away :confused:

By the way, we are still working on some leaderboard improvements in the current implementation cycle, so something could still go wonky! :smiley: (Hopefully not tho!)