Promotion - Empirical Evidence (Current Catchers)

As we explore the theoretical target markets we also need to explore the empirical evidence (observations and measurement) we have collected or could collect about our current catchers. We want to learn about what has attracted current catchers, what are their backgrounds, and do they belong to any of the theoretical markets we think we should target or are they from other groups.

Would current catchers be willing to complete a brief survey? We would do this privately and not show individual responses on the forum. We would be attempting to validate our theories. Questions would be oriented around characteristics that make us who we are and why we are playing Stall Catchers.

Some possible survey questions.
1.) Are you retired, working, or a student?
2.) What career, training, skills, or background do you have? How does this help in playing Stall Catchers?
3.) Do you know someone who is suffering or has suffered from dementia/Alzheimer’s?
4.) What is your motivation for playing Stall Catchers?
5.) Do you play other citizen science games on the internet?
6.) Where did you hear about Stall Catchers? (I think we already asked this question in another forum topic.)
7.) Do you participate in any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Would our top 200 all-time catchers find this type of survey objectionable if it were emailed to them directly? Can I get you to return the survey? Some of you are reading this forum. Thoughts?

Guy (@gcalkins)

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Guy, I’d have no problem responding to such a survey. Yes, item 6 was covered in the forum, but not all users have been there (here), and certainly we did not get 200 responses. Wouldn’t hurt to include an open-ended question soliciting other thoughts on target audience (which you did in the forum, but again, not all visit the forum), how to reach out (e.g., ababbie’s suggestion), or even what else we should be asking relevant to outreach or the stall-catcher’s experience.


Not sure if we can implement this, but can we give points for answering the survey?

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