Provide user's with (on/off) toggle for red dots, so answers can be checked

I like to check my answer’s, and then leave a comment to say what I think about the video. The issue is, when there is a stall I missed, I can’t always verify my answer. Some of the stalls are so small that the red dot marker covers them completely.

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Dear sean4046,

Thank you. We like this idea and have discussed it previously. With your prompting, we are revisiting the topic. You will likely see a toggle appear in a future update.

It might be a few weeks, though, as we are still working on smoothing out some of the basics and ensuring that Stall Catchers can handle the increasing registration rates and participation levels.

Thanks again and keep the ideas coming! We can’t do all of them, but as the saying goes: “the best way to get a good idea is to have lots of ideas”.

Best wishes,

Another yes vote for this feature. It would help new users see what the experts are seeing, and keep the rest of us on track.

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YES! for the toggle switch! It has been frustrating–not being able to see a Stall because of the red dot over it. Examining the missed Stall would provide an important learning experience for me. Also, I’ve been away for the holidays and got behind in the Score. But, I spent several hours the last two days and finally moved beyond Pietro! He is #18, and I am now #17. I’m sure it won’t last long, but it has brought this ole gal much pleasure. :slight_smile: It is a privilege to participate with all the Catcher’s in this vital Eyesonalz@home project! Evelyn

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I see this has now been provided. Excellent!

Yes! Yay! Thanks to @ieva who implemented this.

Let us know how is this switch working out for you! :slight_smile: