Provide zoom function

Some of the images are relatively small, so I’d feel more confident if I could enlarge a section of the video a little bit.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

If you are using a laptop, most browsers have short-cut keys that will enlarge the screen. On most Mac-based platforms, you can use Command-"+" to zoom in and Command-"-" to zoom out. On Windows, I think it is Control-"+" and Control-"-".

We originally enlarged vessel areas to begin with, but one of our professional annotators explained that for difficult vessels, the surrounding context was important. So ultimately, we decided to provide the full view.

We may eventually add a native zoom feature, but for now, please use the browser shortcuts listed above and see if that helps.

Thanks again,

The Ctrl-"+" function zooms in enough, but a native zoom feature would limit the enlargement to the movie, keeping the expert and community answers on the screen. Of course I could scroll down to see them if I wish, but that’s laborious and I’m lazy.:slight_smile:

An added benefit of zooming in is that it makes the green outline more visible. That’s been a problem for me since the beginning.

Thank you - excellent points and great idea. I’ve encountered similar issues when manually zooming - plus it makes some of the leaderboard information disappear when the text gets too large.

There are a few ways this could be implemented. One involves enlarging the entire VM window to a final limit of the screen width. Another approach involves maintaining a constant VM window size, but zooming in (centered on the vessel) such that part of the image around the sides will get pushed out of the visible bounds. The advantage to the latter approach is that you could zoom almost indefinitely.

In some of our early prototypes, we pre-zoomed such that the VM would show just the area immediately surrounding the target vessel. Ultimately, we reverted to a “full” view because our annotation experts explained that for very difficult vessels, the surrounding context can be useful. We had been inadvertently creating a “Forest from the Trees” issue. So even if we do implement a “centered zoom”, we will likely reset the zoom for each new vessel image to ensure that people see the whole picture before they zoom in. For a full screen zoom we would likely maintain the zoom level once it was set.

In short, providing better options for magnifying the VM is on our to-do list! Thanks again.


A better way than Ctrl-"+": view the browser full screen - that’s F11 in Windows. Why didn’t I think of that before?

As to your ideas, I’d favor the centered zoom approach because it would help users to find the green outline more quickly. For me at least, finding that has sometimes been more challenging than finding stalls!

YES for zoom feature. I use laptop and some time ago when i press Ctrl “+” it was look not so good, but stalls image was zoomed. After recent update and chages in html now we have “rubber” design and Ctrl “+” key now NOT change the size of stall image. I want some + - controls on page or back to older version when I can zoom-in by browser. It was look not so good, but in some cases it is hard to view photo in normal size on laptops.

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