Redeem reanimates on Monday!

I know many of you have been frustrated with the redeem not releasing all of those pending points you’ve earned (us too!), but that’s about to change!

The Redeem feature reanimates & becomes automatic on Monday! AND there’s a mini #RedeemLoot competition during which you can win a super cool Stall Catchers mug :smiling_imp:

See full info in this blog post:

And here’s how to participate in the competition (which will run from Monday to Friday next week, 5-9th June):

  1. Go to Stall Catchers & redeem your points

  2. Take a screenshot or a photo documenting your loot - It will look something like this:

  3. Share it! You can post your screenshot/photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and including #RedeemLoot hashtag OR you can email it to us ( OR post it on the forum and we will share it for you!

Whichever option is easiest for you - be sure to let us know if you need any help with this step, or if we accidentally missed your screenshot/photo!

4.The competition runs until Friday night (US Eastern Time), and on Saturday (6/9) we will announce three winners:

  • Catcher with the highest amount of points redeemed in one go
  • Catcher with the largest number of vessels redeemed for in one go
  • Catcher who’s #RedeemLoot collects the most likes, shares & retweets on social media

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! :blush:

First #RedeemLoots are coming in!! First ones to share theirs are Astrocitija, @caprarom & AshMorren!

Share yours!

Follow all #RedeemLoot traffic here:

I only had points to redeem yesterday. No points to redeem today. Does that mean I’m not eligible for the rest of the competition?

Hi @MikeLandau,

You should be able to get more points to redeem in principle (do you have pending movies?), but that will also depend on whether those movies have collected enough crowd answers for you to redeem them.

Also, the movies do not become redeemable in “real time” but rather once a day (for now), so that might also cause a day delay. We’re still catching some bugs here and there though, so do let us know if something doesn’t seem right after a while too!

I have recorded your entry for the #RedeemLoot competition and you’re in the running! :slight_smile:


Today, the redeem points button is lighting up every five minutes! Should I only post once a day, or every time the button lights up?

Hi @MikeLandau!

If you mean the competition - only your first entry will count, otherwise it would get a little out of hand, ha …

Regarding the redeem button today - we’ve accidentally introduced a “bug” which meant the redeemable movies were checked much more often than they should have been! You should only see the Redeem button (if you have been annotating) light up once a day again (and it will remain so for the time being).


The winners have been announced !!

Most redeemed points, the winners are:

Levels 1-15 - Kirschre with 95,364 points

Levels 16-20 - @MikeLandau‏ with 531,072 points

Levels 21-25 - Ababbie with 13,133,294 points

Levels 26+ - @caprarom with record 78,895,105 points !!

Most redeemed movies, the winners are:

Levels 1-15 - Coloradojed with 95 movies

Levels 16-20 - justacea with 372 movies

Levels 21-25 - MaisyMoo92 with 4,354 movies

Levels 26+ - @gcalkins with 21,907 movies !!

Most reactions to #RedeemLoot on social media, the winner is - Tom Adams

Congrats !! The team will be reaching out to everyone soon about delivering Stall Catchers mugs to you !