Redemption of loot is much slower

I observed over the past few days that the button for redeeming points becomes green less frequently, and pressing the green button leads to many fewer points being redeemed. Is this due to a new algorithm, or a new data set, or is it a bug?

Hi, Tacitsci. I can’t speak to the frequency, it should be about once per day, but I can address the diminished point return. You might have noted that most current non-calibration movies have only a few views at most. That’s because the Cornell team released a new crop of movies for our evaluation. Until enough data is collected (say 20-30 views, but don’t quote me), the status of those movies (flow or stall) is indeterminate, and thus the algorithm cannot release points for redemption. Instead, your inventory of “pending” movies awaiting redemption will increase. I have around 3000 movies pending at present. No worries - when enough data is collected, the points will be awarded accordingly. I hope that helps. The team can give a better explanation. Mike C.

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Thanks Mike, that makes sense to me.

Yes, exactly as @caprarom says! :slight_smile: we have a new dataset in Stall Catchers (, so it will be some time, before the movies collect enough annotations to be redeemable :wink:

Thanks for the excellent question @Tacitsci, and thanks for the excellent answer @caprarom! :smiley: