Sleep deprivation and the development of stalls

Has anyone ever looked at the effect of sleep deprivation on the formation of stalls?

I read somewhere that there’s a correlation between lack of sleep and Alzheimer’s disease, but I have absolutely no idea precisely how the construct of lack of sleep was defined. I’m assuming that it was a correlation because I don’t know how anyone could establish a cause-and-effect relationship between developing Alzheimer’s, and lack of sleep. From what I heard on the latest video, there is already someone looking at how stress, in general, affects the formation of stalls, is that correct? I thought I heard something about studying the effects of stress in the group chat that I just listened to, but I wasn’t sure if that’s what I heard, or not.

By the way, when you get the results from the hypertension study, I would be interested in them just because I was wondering if there was a relationship between high blood pressure, and developing Alzheimer’s disease. From what I heard in the chat, someone is already looking into that.