Slow movies!?!

Hey all,
Did anyone else have trouble with the movies taking forever to load? Or was I the lucky one that got picked to try my patience today. I could only get thru 200 movies today, because 98% for them took almost a full minute to load. I dearly love this “game” and enjoy the heck out if it. BUT, tonight was not fun.
Don’t understand the problem as we aren’t having any bad weather, winds, rain or snow. All of which have been known to mess with my internet connection at times. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, hope it’s better.

Goodnight all, happy catching,


Carol, I did not notice any unusually long load times while I was on. Hope it clears up for you. Best regards,
Mike C.

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Hi @CarolakaMema!

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble :confused: is it working OK for you now? If it’s anything beyond internet connection, we’ll try to pin it down!

Best and thanks for letting us know, as always,

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Just started gaming, and the same here : loading takes several seconds …

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Hi Carol -
Always frustrating when things slow down. I went through a period over the Holidays where I was having all kinds of troubles with my download speed. My internet service provider (ISP) was having connection issues due to weather, etc. Things have finally been sorted out and I am back up to speed.

During the process I used an online internet speed test (you can search for one with your browser) such as Frontier, Spectrum, etc. These will show you what the download speed of the internet is at your house. This will let you know if it is something local at your end or possibly something happening at the source. Hope this helps.



Oooh, nice tip with the internet speed test, @gcalkins!! I’ll check it out too…