Stall Catchers HACKS!

I came across something neat today - a way to invert browser colors to make it easier to see movies - and @pietro suggested I open this thread :smile: which is not a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I am posting my inverting colors hack below.

Have you come up with any Stall Catchers hacks yourself? Share them here!

A hack is any type of “fix” or “solution” that improves the function of whatever you are “hacking” (like experience at Stall Catchers! :stuck_out_tongue: ) ! Often a hack is not the conventional solution but the smartest solution.

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Some browsers (so far I have tried Chrome & Firefox) have plugins that allow inverting the colors of all pages or a particular page.

Since we have received feedback of some movies being difficult to see, I decided to try hacking Stall Catchers this way - and I was amazed by the result!

Tell us: do you prefer the inverted or the usual version?

  • Inverted (black background)
  • Regular (white background)
  • Other (I would prefer another background color - tell us in the comments!)

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P.S. no hard promises, but this “hack” could potentially become permanent if we need it!

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