Stall Catchers interface changes

Have you noticed a few small additions to the interface? Let us know if you like them! (some are kind of temporary, as there’s a big interface redesign in the plans, but do let us know if you have suggestions about the existing ones!)

There’s now a “Catch stalls!” button, number of catchers played today, and more stats in user profile incl. hours of lab time you’ve contributed:

We also revamped the Getting started page, check it out!

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Here are some of the recent additions I like:

  • Catchers Today: gives an idea of current participation

  • More frequent points redemptions: perhaps increases operant conditioning

Here are some potential additions to consider:

  • In the left-hand column listing the top-scoring teams of the day, have the mouse-over of a team name bring up a list of the individual team members active today, with today’s score for each member

  • In the light green summary box in the right-hand column, include Today’s Score in addition to (all-time) Score

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Another thought about the more frequent point redemptions: is this arising from any software changes, or is it just the result of when/how many new movies were loaded, and how quickly people are viewing them?

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Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently planning new features for 2018 and will take them in consideration.

A few changes have been made to the redeem feature. Originally, the vessel list was refreshed every 24 hours, we are now refreshing the list every 10 minutes. We also made some modifications in the way data is moved through the system. This reduces the time gaps between redeem.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

Hey all!

We’re introducing some new features for newcomers to improve onboarding - the “10 first easy annotations” is already live, and we are currently working on a “walk-through” tour. Thought you might be interested in seeing it too, so sharing this video of Pietro testing the feature today for the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let us know what you think! (You can also try it out yourself by creating a new username - just make sure to include “test” somewhere in it, so we know it’s a test account and not a regular user.)


One other revision to consider for the future is to crop the frames to enclose just the immediate area around the orange outline. The movies would load much faster on a poor WiFi connection, such as what’s available at a coffee shop or hotel room. The downside is that you would lose some context provided by the surrounding area, but it might still be a good overall tradeoff.

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Yep, thanks so much for that suggestion @Tacitsci - we have considered it on several occasions (a lot of catchers are asking for it), and we even had that in the early version of the game (before it was released.)

However, it is exactly as you say - you lose valuable context, and especially for tricky vessels that can be essential for judging it right. That’s why @vpm22 suggested early on that we include the entire frame.

We are considering other ways to “zoom” it etc., although that would not solve the loading problem that you mention :confused: hopefully we can find better solutions for that too.

But we might still rethink that! Also, we are thinking of some special features for super-catchers, such as tackling the really hard vessels - perhaps we could have the cropped version for regular Stall Catchers mode, and full context for super-catcher mode … :thinking:

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A relevant blog post about how YOU help us shape Stall Catchers :blush: : * Catcher *-centered design - how the community is shaping Stall Catchers

Let us know what you think !

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Hey all!

Some more teensy changes… We (finally!) set up a proper subscription to emails system via Mailchimp - if you’d like to receive emails about Stall Cathers in-game events, tips and the like, you can subscribe/unsubscribe to them on your profile page. (You’ll now be subscribed by default.)

On your profile page, you will now also be able to edit your username :slight_smile: note that if you login with Facebook or Google+ your username will have changed - we now generate usernames for Facebook and Google+ users in the following way: firstname_lastname. From now on, we only display the username (not users’ full names grabbed from Facebook/Google+) everywhere on the site, including the leaderboards.

In this regard, we’d like to ask you all to stay vigilant and keep an eye on the leaderboards, if you can!.. :slight_smile: :police_car: we had disabled username editing previously, when several users coordinated their username changes to send political messages :confused:

So please just let us know (quickest way for us to see is email to :innocent:) if you see or suspect any inappropriate usernames of any kind on the site! :pray::blush: We’d really appreciate your help in keeping Stall Catchers a peaceful & a safe place for all :blush:

I think that’s it for now, but more coming soon!



Our friends in Australia might benefit from the cropped version:

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