Stall Catchers is um... Taking sporadic naps!

Hi All,

If you’re catching right now you probably already ran into the problem of movies not loading at all, and a puppy screen if you refresh the page.

We’re working on it as highest priority right now – not sure where it’s coming from, but likely due to the recent migration of movies to a different cloud storage.

Please bear with us while we resolve this! :purple_heart:

Now resolved!

It just happened to me again, so I would say it’s not resolved quite yet. I don’t see the puppy, but it’s definitely freezing on me.

Then it’s most likely a separate issue, @MikeLandau. Can you describe the “freezing” a bit more?

I do about three or four movies, and then on the next one the loading bar appears, and it shows that it’s loading, but it never advances to the next movie, and the flowing and,stalled button are not lit up during this time. It just shows that it’s loading, but it never loads the next movie. I submitted a bug report using the recommended form, and I never heard back from anyone.

Apologies if we missed your report @MikeLandau – it doesn’t show up in our inbox, unfortunately!

We’ve been experiencing a range of unexplained loading errors lately – we are investigating as best as we can, but things are going a bit slowly as we are going through a change in developers.

Hope we can resolve this and other related issues soon though.

Thank you for your patience!