Stall Catchers Screen Locked Up for 2 Weeks

So I am grasping at straws trying to find the right avenue to solve this problem. If anyone has a better idea for getting attention on this, please advise.

For 2 weeks I have been unable to move beyond a locked up screen when I log in to Stall Catchers. The only thing I can do is slide the movie control back and forth (the movie itself does not change). The Flowing/Stalled buttons are greyed and do not respond to anything I do. I have tried logging in via Chrome, Firefox and Safari - no change. I have logged on using different computers and an iPhone - no change. HELP!

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Dear @solojmartin,

Thank you for reaching out. As mentioned in the email as well, we are trying to find the cause for this problem!! Unfortunately, we are unable to repeat it on our own devices so we’re looking for more info…

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please report here (or email us at to do so privately) with the following info:

Your username:
Date and time of the issue:
Description of the issue:
Attach a screenshot if you have one.

A clear description of the issue and screenshot can help us resolve the issue faster.

Thank you for your patience - hopefully we can resolve this soon!!!


So after two weeks, something must have reset itself last night. I just logged in again using Chrome and an HP pavillion and it all seems to be working fine. Thanks.


We finally found what was - at least partially - causing the problem for you. It seems that you were stuck on a “bad movie” (problems with the movie file itself) - in those cases the system should seamlessly redirect to a good one, but it hiccuped and couldn’t move on, so your user, regardless of the device you used, remained stuck on it. This is also why we couldn’t repeat it - each user sees movies in random order, and there might only be one or a few bad ones among thousands!

Our developer @ieva patched this for the moment, which is why you (and hopefully others with this issue!) should be able to continue playing.

We are still experiencing other issues, however, all linked to a big update we recently implemented to optimize Stall Catchers… Please see here for more info about it:

Thanks again for your patience!!