Stall Catchers took a quick and unexpected nap

Dear Catchers,

We were notified by @gcalkins (THANK YOU) that at approximately 10am US ET, Stall Catchers stopped working. It turns out this was due to a planned server migration by the company that hosts the computers running Stall Catchers.

The migration went smoothly. But for some reason, Stall Catchers is a little picky and likes to have “breakfast in bed” after a reboot. We took care of the additional steps and all should be up and running again.

In the future, we will plan ahead to be ready with breakfast during these migrations so that any downtime is kept to 5 minutes or less. These should happen very infrequently (around once a year or less). Sorry for the service interruption and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming :wink:

(Thanks for your patience!)

Best Sunday wishes,

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