Stallcatchers App Update Feedback & Discussion

Hi All - I just wanted to capture some of the early feedback from the latest update of the Stallcatchers App. Please feel free to capture any other observations.
1.) The update has created a delay in moving to each subsequent movie. If you uncheck the “Show Answer” checkbox it helps minimize this delay. (The team is working to fix this bug.)
2.) The Chatbox does not seem to automatically refresh when a comment is submitted or received from another user as a reply. The Chatbox needs to update automatically without the need to refresh the screen.
3.) As mentioned by Michael Landau, the current player list is not being displayed. This should still be visible when the chatbox is minimized.


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The “current catcher list” has been moved to the left column. You can now select between viewing the team scores (as before) or the Top 10 Current Catchers. Go to the drop down in left column:

Select the “Catchers” item:

You will then see the Top 10 list that used to be in the right column.

Thanks development team.

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