Team Competition to #CrushALZ!

Breaking news! Our new team feature will be fully embraced during a month-long TEAMS COMPETITION that starts tomorrow, April 6, and will last for 1 month!

YOU are invited to create a team for your organization or community and compete among others for the ultimate goal to #CrushALZ. Some teams suggestions for our old timers:

  • stardust@home team - we have some dedicated dusters from stardust who have become dedicated catchers in these last few months :blush: how about a team that unites all your efforts?? (@Nikita, @evelynrsmith, other dusters??)
  • Zooniverse team? I know @Alice has lured some Galaxy Zoo & other Zooniverse veterans to Stall Catchers too :stuck_out_tongue: what do you say guys?
  • Oldtimers team could also unite all of us, ha!
  • sponsored by @pietro it seems that the EyesOnALZ team will be roped into an… EyesOnALZ team :smiley:
  • I know @Claire is already setting up a team for CitSciGamers! Woohoo!
  • we also might have a general team Citizen Science, Cornell Team & Alzheimer’s Research UK have already confirmed that they are joining, and we expect many more soon!

Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

The most active teams will be featured daily & weekly with the help of our new Today/This week/All time team leaderboards, and the winners will be announced on May 6!

Most importantly, a completely new dataset will be loaded to Stall Catchers (more about it in a bit) for the purpose of the competition, and after one month we hope to have answered a novel research question that pushes the groudbreaking findings of the Schaffer-Nishimura Lab (Cornell University) one step further.

GET READY! The competition starts tomorrow, 10PM ET April 6 / 2AM UTC April 7, right after the premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud documentary!

#.#CrushALZ teams: we want to know more about you!

If you participated in the #CrushALZ competition - we want to learn more about your team!

We’d like to feature as many teams and catcher/team stories on our blog. Just answer a few questions on this form if you’re on a Stall Catchers team: