The buttons are disappearing again!

I’m having a big problem with stall catchers this evening. The flowing, and the stalled buttons keep disappearing, and unlike previous times when this has happened before, this time no error message pops up. When I’ve had this problem previously, when I waited about five seconds, an error message pops up, but this time nothing happens. The only way to get the buttons back is refreshing the browser.

I was running into that too, Mike, as I believe other high volume users were also. After refreshing the screen a few times as you did, I eventually got a red message saying something like, ‘Sorry, we are out of new movies to evaluate, please try back soon.’ I don’t know as that’s connected with the buttons disappearing, but we’ve seen things go wonky before when running out of movies. Anyway, you are not alone. Mike C.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know! At least I know I’m not the only one having the problem.