The Myterious Congratulatons Box

I keep getting the “Congratulations! You’ve just annotated your first 10 training movies” box. I’ve tried to “skip it”, but it returns. I’ve tried to go ahead and take the training all the way through and finish it, but it continues to pop up again each time I ask for the next movie. Did I miss a memo? :confused:

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Hi @LoBaby,

Oh no - sorry to hear that :confused: We’ve been making some changes, or rather - fixing some bugs that new users were experiencing with the 10 training movies, and now it looks like it created new bugs :confused:

We’re looking into! Thank you for alerting us !


Aaand… @ieva says it’s solved!

The message is meant only for new users - we recently implemented a new “first 10 easy annotations” feature along with a walk-me-through, which walks a new user through the game, and gives extended feedback on the first 10 training movies (and allows them to try again, even if they get them wrong!)

Turns out that you have seen 10,023 movies or so, but the system misread that as 10 due to number formatting, and kept insisting you just finished the first 10 ! :smiley:

Thank you for your patience with this and for reporting it :purple_heart:

Happy continued catching!

Thanks…I thought it was a (not too) subtle suggestion after looking at my research values :laughing:


OMG :joy: that would be kinda mean !!