This may be the same blood vessel I complained about last time

I miss this one every single time. My apologies if I’ve asked about this one before, but I don’t think so. Can anyone provide some enlightenment as to why is stalled? I just don’t see it. (After comparing it to the one that I complained about previously, it may in fact be exactly the same one. It looks very similar.) So perhaps a better question is, does it really matter how many times I complain about a particular blood vessel? If my complaints don’t matter, then I’ll save everyone a lot of time, and stop complaining.


Hi @MikeLandau - not at all, please keep reporting those!!

Hopefully, some more experienced catchers will comment on the vessel in question ( :flushed: ), but I am here to tell you that we ARE in the process of updating some of the trickier training movie “expert” answers - so it’s easier to make sense of them as you go.

“In the process” = we have them, are looking over them one last time, and will add this to the development queue as high priority.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the generous help of @gcalkins and @caprarom, who provided the updated comments - and those comments received the highest praise from the lab:

THANK YOU :purple_heart: