Unclaimed points

I have noticed I have added up to 100 points still “pending”. I am still able to get the “correct” and “not correct”. I have read where a new data set was put up not long ago, but it is the fact that I can still get the answers of correct/not correct, sometimes, while actually classifying. and have built up such a large pending points total.

Just wondering.


John d. Krull

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I’m not sure this answers your inquiry, John, but I’ll take a stab at it. While new movies were uploaded for our examination recently, the calibration movies are basically the same and some of those probably look familiar. When you classify a calibration movie, you will immediately get a correct or incorrect notification, and the associated points are immediately awarded if correct. When you classify a non-calibration movie, you’ll get a “maybe” notification, and a nominal amount of points. Once that non-calibration movie has been examined by enough stallcatchers and the algorithm is satisfied, you’ll be able to redeem it for the appropriate number of points dependent upon your skill level. With a new data set as we have now, most “maybes” are going to remain pending for some time before you can redeem them. As the data set becomes more ‘mature,’ i.e., has been examined for some time, your pending movies inventory will begin to deplete rather than increase as it is doing now, assuming you redeem points on a regular basis.
I hope that helps. My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your question.


Hey Caprarom,

This does answer my original question I had, AND answered one I came back here to ask.

I was wondering why it seemed like every time I classified something as stalled, I got the “correct” right away, but I class something as “flowing”, I get “maybe”

Now I GOT the whole picture from this answer of yours. Big help. Thank you.


John Krull