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Hi everyone! We’re currently updating Stall Catcher’s FAQ (Stall Catchers). If you have any suggestions for improvement or questions you would like answered in the FAQ about Stall Catchers, please feel free to share it here. You can also send an email to info@stallcatchers.com
Any help is much appreciated!

Here are two items for consideration:

First: An explanation for the tribar - newer players sometimes ask how they can tell our progress on the current dataset. I might just provide a link to Egle’s April 2019 explanation in the blog What’s the new multicolor bar on Stall Catchers? (hcinst.org). Otherwise, when I answer this question in the chat box, it might go something like the following:

“Progress on an individual dataset can be tracked via the “tribar” above. It is currently showing “100% dataset verified,” so this set is essentially complete. The horizontal bar shows our progress through three stages: yellow=analyze, green=validate, blue=verify. You can also check the blog for progress updates like this:
New preprint based on the "anti-VEGF" dataset from Stall Catchers! 📜

Second: A more thorough explanation of scoring. Players often ask about this in the chatbox (and previously in the forum). Typically they like to know the maximum amount of points on offer. I usually provide some or all of the following information - not necessarily in coherent fashion; my chatbox skills being somewhat limited:

“Calibration movies reward you with big points immediately (if you get them correct). Those are the ones that impact your blue skill bar. The lesser value “redeem later” (formerly “maybe”) results are for the “real” movies being evaluated from the current data set. (You can get more info on redemption from the FAQs in the “How to” drop down menu on the black menu bar above.) If your blue skill bar is at maximum, you get 2320, 4640, 6960, or 9290 points for a correct calibration. You get proportionately fewer points if the bar is less than max. (Not all players get to max.) You get up to 116 points for “real” movies, and then up to 2320 points later upon redemption. Flow calibrations are worth up to 2320 points. The stall calibrations are where you can get the bigger scores. Upon redemption, you get 2320 points per pending movie redeemed, but adjusted downward if your skill is less than 100%. That adjustment is based on your average skill level since last redemption; so, there’s no significant penalty if you miss a calibration just before redeeming.”

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Hi @caprarom! Thank you so much for these detailed suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face: This is very helpful and we will include the topics.
Please don’t be surprised if it takes a few more weeks. The plan is to collect and discuss ideas and suggestions and to update the FAQ in around two weeks.

A lesser item, but if we’re keeping the passing arrows in the update, it might be nice to mention what & how they work in the FAQs. I’ve fielded questions on those in the chat, and also on the radio buttons next to the active player names.

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Thanks much @caprarom for your valuable feedback!
Just to be sure I understand correctly: Are you referring to the arrows that indicate a player is climbing the leaderboard? That’s a good point!
And the radio buttons that indicate whether a player is online or offline, right?

Yes, LVep. Sometimes people are also confused at how long it takes for the arrow to appear or disappear, I’ve tried to explain that the utility program for the arrows runs on some fixed cycle (every x minutes), so the delay/duration depends on where in that cycle you are when the pass occurs.

That’s my guess anyway. Sometimes I guess at the “x” also.

Similarly the radio buttons throw some people off. They will stay on for a time after a player has been inactive or left. I believe a player has to be idle a minimum of ten(?) minutes before their radio button goes off. However, if the utility is only running every ten minutes to check for activity, then if someone leaves one minute after the utility ran it’s check, their radio button will stay on for 19 more minutes.

Again, that’s just my guess. Also, I believe the radio button going off just indicates inactivity (i.e., score not changing). The player might still be on-line, e.g. checking on the chat box periodically.
Mike C.

I see! That’s super helpful, thanks for explaining, @caprarom ! We will consider those two issues in the update.

Hi All,

First - thanks to all who gave feedback on the FAQ! Truly, your opinion is what helps ensure that it answers questions that matter to you, so we are grateful

Also, I want to apologize to all the catchers who have been awaiting the FAQ revisions to be published. I told @l.veprek we could get it done sooner than was possible, and then I was the bottleneck to making a final pass on it. It is now truly ready to go online and we should see the new version in Stall Catchers this week!

Thanks again for making Stall Catchers better!

Best wishes,

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Hi All!

The FAQ have been updated! :smiley:
Here’s the link to Stall Catcher’s faq: Stall Catchers

Thank you all for your feedback ! We included all suggestions.

The FAQ will of course continue to be maintained and updated whenever new questions come up.