Using the forward and backward keys to watch movies


As I was typing in the comment box that is below the movie, I found that I needed to press the backspace key to back up while deleting the letters.

I looked up at the green ball under the movie, and found that the direction keys (forward and backward only) makes the green ball move.

they do move VERY quickly, so if I may suggest that you release the forward key, and just tap it, through an area in the movie you think you spot a stall and then reverse as often as necessary, this might be a new way of watching the movies.

Anyone who needs more explanation, please let me know.

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Hi @chairstar - nice hack !!! We haven’t noticed that ourselves :smiley: !

We’ve had it on our minds to add more keyboard shortcuts too, so hopefully soon it will be even easier to get around :crossed_fingers:

Thanks much for the great tip!

Hey Seplute
I feel the need to say, that my last contribution to the hack with the forward and backward buttons, was a tip for others who were having the same problem, but I intended it a “bug report” than anything.

First starting out on stall catchers, the movies would repeat automatically, when you check the “auto scroll” box, but now even with the auto scroll box being checked, it doesn’t automatically scroll. The HACK I wrote of was to try explaining how I had to do it now.

If someone could get back to me on the 'BUG REPORT" I was reporting, I’d appreciate it.



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Dear @chairstar,

My apologies - I totally missed your autoscroll bug report. Where did you report it?

We will look into it! What browser and device are you using?

(Seems to work for me at least…)


Dear @chairstar,

We added this to our list of issues, but unfortunately, we can’t reproduce it, and so we can’t fix it!! :sweat:

Does it still not work for you? If so, could you please provide more information, following the template below:
Your username:
Date and time of the issue:
Description of the issue:
Attach a screenshot if you have one.

Thanks much!!

P.S. if anyone else is experiencing this too, please let us know, using the report template above!!

Well Seplute,

After much time, and gripping on my part, the issue with the movies not repeating automatically, has been fixed.

I appreciate all the attention to this and the other bug reports you try your darndest to keep up with.


John D. Krull

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