Week 1 of #CabinFever is complete! Full report + Day 7 leaders

Time flies when you're having fun, huh? 😜 It's been one week in the #CabinFever challenge already! Here's some interesting numbers for ya...

52 catchers - have gathered so far to break this #CabinFever together! ;)

34 teams - have taken part in the challenge so far, one of which - a school team! (we hear more might come after Spring break ;))

47.9 K - total movies watched

35.5 K - of these where "real" - research movies from the newest dataset!

That adds up to 46 days of lab work !!! That's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, isn't it?? In just one week! :)

Meanwhile, the leaderboards have been dominated by the team "testing" as well as "MemoryCafes". Nice to see our long time dedicated "The Longest Day" catchers in third place as well! Not far behind are also teams "krissi" and "Canada". See the full team and user leaderboards for the entire week (by points and research movies) below. Congrats all teams!

Teams by points - Week 1 (up until 12pm ET, April 8)

Team namePoints 1testing13,821,051 2MemoryCafes9,505,905 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day3,526,452 4krissi3,397,353 5Canada3,069,665 6I See Stalls2,541,393 7First Stone2,064,181 8Dementia Action Week1,131,175 9This is our Life907,397 10Kaunas Makerspace811,955 11Port Angeles, WA463,847 12CrowdAndCloud301,905 13MinnesotaNice250,240 1415apotato.106,683 15lets stop alz105,324 16Team PH83,598 17Alzheimer's Research UK50,965 18UniqueMappers44,877 19Arizona State University38,133 20Deerwood Science Lovers!27,863 21Alz Together Now27,317 22AseanPlus StallCatchers15,922 23SciStarter12,534 24Scotch Plains Library10,314 25Singularity20458,242 26Ring Catchers5,345 27Portgas D Cora2,983 28Teutopolis Wooden Shoes2,559 29Lexington Goes Purple2,061 30TheSciFiMed1,097 31Veterans for Research1,004 32EyesOnALZ968 33MLCL884 34Unioto Citizen Science Team697

Teams by research movies - Week 1 (up until 12pm ET, April 8)

Team nameResearch movies 1testing10982 2MemoryCafes7906 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day2972 4krissi2656 5Canada2276 6I See Stalls2269 7First Stone2101 8Dementia Action Week732 9This is our Life730 10Kaunas Makerspace632 11Port Angeles, WA603 12CrowdAndCloud281 13MinnesotaNice280 1415apotato.213 15lets stop alz180 16Team PH165 17Alzheimer's Research UK110 18UniqueMappers106 19Arizona State University81 20Deerwood Science Lovers!53 21Alz Together Now38 22AseanPlus StallCatchers37 23SciStarter27 24Scotch Plains Library22 25Singularity204513 26Ring Catchers10 27Portgas D Cora8 28Teutopolis Wooden Shoes6 29Lexington Goes Purple5 30TheSciFiMed3 31Veterans for Research3 32EyesOnALZ1 33MLCL1 34Unioto Citizen Science Team0

Users by points - Week 1 (up until 12pm ET, April 8)

UsernamePoints 1Badstallsbadbad13821051 2caprarom★9357756 3jkaufbenefits3526452 4christiane3397353 5KarisFraMauro3054817 6Carol_aka_Mema★2501902 7Nicktho2064181 8Thomas_Adams904458 9elAmber811955 10ababbie582642 11Uganalandia548533 12grampa1387463847 13sachambers★301905 14mamaanne250240 15brodydashawesome103116 16MemoryCafeDirectory85971 17orbithunter83598 18Carrot65961 19seplute/HQ59044 20Westy5650965 21Zinnykal44877 2289o39867 23HCresAlz39491 24auvielee30660 25No_one_goingto_beat_zach26920 26chairstar16201 27pietro/HQ15965 28jlee439115922 29jgerridgemiller13448 30Carolyne_Mason11981 31taudesirk10657 32DreamLab8242 33alex_bervoets5345 34Lkammer3444 35Noa2983 36SC_Admin2939 37callekid2908 38Boomer2867 39courtneyhoene2559 40Austin_Hilgart1359 41mharp1119 42Jacob1097 43badhop551004 44JonandPaco884 45Password855 46OreoSherman697 47BIGJOE2020694 48Selchie459 49Tatting447 50Yougurt249 51jlopez892 52Teeman0

Users by research movies - Week 1 (up until 12pm ET, April 8)

UsernameResearch movies 1Badstallsbadbad10982 2caprarom★7745 3jkaufbenefits2972 4christiane2656 5KarisFraMauro2226 6Carol_aka_Mema★2175 7Nicktho2101 8Thomas_Adams732 9grampa1387730 10elAmber632 11Uganalandia314 12ababbie289 13mamaanne280 14brodydashawesome272 15sachambers★180 16orbithunter165 17Carrot160 18MemoryCafeDirectory110 19Westy56110 20Zinnykal106 21HCresAlz101 22auvielee61 23seplute/HQ49 2489o47 25pietro/HQ40 26jlee439137 27No_one_goingto_beat_zach36 28chairstar34 29jgerridgemiller29 30Carolyne_Mason27 31taudesirk19 32Boomer16 33badhop5513 34Lkammer8 35courtneyhoene8 36mharp7 37DreamLab6 38Password6 39Noa5 40callekid5 41alex_bervoets3 42OreoSherman3 43Yougurt2 44Jacob1 45JonandPaco1 46Tatting1 47SC_Admin0 48Austin_Hilgart0 49BIGJOE20200 50Selchie0 51jlopez890 52Teeman0

And here's a quick look into the results for just Day 7...

Top 10 teams by points, Day 7 (April 7-8)

Team namePoints - Day 7 1testing1,841,184 2MemoryCafes1,195,264 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day457,819 4I See Stalls399,234 5This is our Life372,160 6First Stone258,033 7Canada77,256 815apotato.66,291 9Port Angeles, WA64,029 10Dementia Action Week11,119

Top 10 teams by research movies, Day 7 (April 7-8)

Team nameResearch movies - Day 7 1testing1576 2MemoryCafes924 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day425 4First Stone346 5This is our Life334 6I See Stalls320 715apotato.165 8Port Angeles, WA130 9Canada86 10Team PH23

Top 10 users by points, Day 7 (April 7-8)

UsernamePoints - Day 7 Badstallsbadbad1841184 caprarom★1195264 jkaufbenefits457819 Carol_aka_Mema★389000 Thomas_Adams372160 Nicktho258033 KarisFraMauro77256 Carrot65961 grampa138764029 Uganalandia11119

Top 10 users by research movies, Day 7 (April 7-8)

UsernameResearch movies - Day 7 1Badstallsbadbad1576 2caprarom★924 3jkaufbenefits425 4Nicktho346 5Thomas_Adams334 6Carol_aka_Mema★295 7Carrot160 8grampa1387130 9KarisFraMauro86 10HCresAlz25

What awaits us in Week 2 ?? :) Let's keep crushing that #CabinFever, and Alzheimer's at the same time!

Here's more info about the #CabinFever challenge, which runs this entire month. It's Citizen Science Month, after all!! :)

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