We're 8000 catchers ! 🎉

It’s official - the Stall Catchers crowd has reached 8000 registered participants !! :raised_hands:

Thanks to each and every one you for helping us get closer to a cure for #Alzheimers every day :purple_heart:

Let’s keep growing that crowd, and crushing Alzheimers!!

P.S. on a somewhat related note - we just released a new feature for first-timers “first 10 annotations”, meaning that we walk every new registered user through the first 10 movies they see, and explain why they were right / wrong, and let them try again if so! We are also about to release a “walk me through” - basically a tour through the main elements on the interface. We want to make sure that as many of those thousands of users stay & successfully engage in the game, as possible! :blush: