What is the fuzzy black line in some of the movies?

I’ve noticed a fuzzy black line running across the bottom of some of the movies. Whenever the fuzzy black line is present, there’s always a stall in the vessel, I don’t know if this is a coincidence, or not. What is the fuzzy black line?

If you click on the link below, you will see an example of what I am talking about.

Thanks for the report. Investigation has started.

Someone who was involved with the actual imaging would be able to give you a more reliable answer, but it looks like an artifact caused by stitching images together. The “line” is the edge or edges of images with different brightness and/or contrast settings. It is just a coincidence that it happens to have occurred in a stack with stalled vessels.

Thanks for your reply! If it’s just a coincidence that every single one has a stalled blood vessel in it, then that’s quite a coincidence. That’s the case with every single one that I’ve seen. It’s just hard to believe that two things that cooccur with such regularity could just be a coincidence, but I guess that could be the case. I’m not saying that one is causing the other, but there could be a third variable that somehow causing both of them. Although I guess that would be highly unlikely if the fuzzy line is just an artifact of the process.

I don’t understand the whole concept of stitching the images together. What does that mean? Why does that need to be done? It just seems to make the whole issue of locating the target blood vessel that much more difficult. I think it would really be great if they could have some kind of graphic representation of just exactly what’s going on here that would clarify the situation. I still don’t understand what the stack is. What is being stacked? An overview of the whole process would really be helpful. I’m really having trouble visualizing what’s going on.

By stack I mean movie. My guess as to why it seems like such a coincidence is that the artifact line and all the stalled vessels are from the same large set of images that have been cropped to different areas and presented to users as different movies. Often I notice that “different” calibrated images are just the same movie that has been cropped slightly differently with different vessels highlighted.

I agree with you that it would be very helpful to have a better explanation of the processes they use both to capture the images as well as the processing they do before we see them. This would help users get a better idea of what is an artifact and what is a real feature of the vessels.

Edit: I’ve added an example of what I mean by the movies we see actually being part of a larger movie. Movie composite

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Hi all,

Since we want to have very high-resolution images we need to zoom in using our microscope, but if we want to get same resolution for a very large area of the brain we need to image the brain many times to make a mosaics of images. Since we are dealing with the live animal, the final results are not perfect and when we stitch them together, they don’t match very well. That black line is when the border of one image merges to the main image in the picture.

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Amazing composite movie, @GnabGib!! I think it illustrates what’s happening perfectly! :blush: