What's next after #CrushALZ?

Some of our catchers have expressed their uncertainty about what happens after the #CrushALZ team competition, which I guess is especially of interest to some our newer players!

Well - the end of #CrushALZ is of course not the end of teams or Stall Catchers ! :blush: You will still be able to play for your team (and create a new one), and the best teams & individual catchers will be featured in the daily, weekly and all time leaderboards. We will be posting regular updates about the leaders on our blog, and there’s a number of challenges & competitions planned for the future!

There’s more too: see the What’s next in Stall Catchers? Life after #CrushALZ :upside_down_face: post on the blog to learn all about what’s coming!

And THANK YOU for crushing ALZ so determinedly during the competition!! We have been amazed by the number of teams who have joined, and the speed of analysis!!

Don’t forget, all the updates on the #CrushALZ competition are here: http://forumhcinst.org/t/crushalz-daily-weekly-reports/145/1


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I would love a quick update on the What’s Next after #CrushALZ topic in the following areas. It has been a couple of months and we haven’t heard much.

1.) Biomedical Research question on Amyloid Plaques - I was under the impression that we had completed enough catching during the #CrushALZ dataset to enable the research team to answer the pending research question of “whether stalls occur closer to amyloid plaques than flowing vessels in the brain in Alzheimer’s?” I thought Chris thought we would be able to answer this specific research question within a few weeks of completing the #CrushALZ competition. Lindsay, anything you can share on this? ( @lvinarcsik )

2.) Pipeline and improved outlining for future datasets. Getting us the next set of data to begin answering specific questions regarding treatment-centered research was stated as being a priority. Any updates regarding the ability to get this improved data in a timely fashion? Will we have enough data to keep our stall catchers busy? Lindsay or Pietro any thoughts that can be shared? ( @lvinarcsik , @pietro )

3.) Dynamic Consensus Methods. Pietro, We continue to crunch away on the CrushALZ dataset. Any updates on your team’s progress in confirming your Dynamic Consensus statistical methods? Not trying to scoop any future publishable articles, but as my children used to say, “Are we there yet?” I would love to hear that we really may not need 20 community votes for every image as we move forward. Of course, we will then need more data quicker from the lab. Pietro, any additional updates you can share? ( @pietro )

Would love to hear more on any of these topics (or others).


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