When to use the redeem points button

Is it a good idea to save all our points under the redeem points button for the Cathathon, or is there some reason to redeem them earlier? Are we able to press the redeem points button at any time, or do the points need to be redeemed before a certain deadline?

Hi @MikeLandau!

We haven’t decided yet about the redeem during the Catchathon. However, if you are not part of any “live” team in one of the locations (don’t forget you can run one yourself too! All info here), your score will not count towards the Catchathon challenge. In that case you can redeem at any time …

The redeem points never expire though ! :wink:

Thanks for your question! We will make sure to define “redeem rules” for the catchathon! :smiley:


I don’t have any friends, so there’s no way I can run one myself. If I’m not part of a team, then my score will not count toward the challenge? Is there any way that I can join one of the teams, or do I need to be physically at one of the locations in order to be on the team?