Where did the other forum categories go?

We will soon be adding more projects to our portfolio (woohoo – more soon!), and we thought it would be nice to keep everything on one forum. (As the projects will be inter-related in one way or another as well.)

Therefore we are rebranding the forum to “Human Computation Institute’s forums” (previously was "EyesOnALZ forum), which can by accessed via a new URL: http://forum.hcinst.org/c/stall-catchers (the old URLs will also continue to work, don’t worry!).

And we’re grouping all the Stall Catchers related topics under one - Stall Catchers category. The old categories - “Alzheimer’s disease” and “The Science” - are still there and can be found as subcategories of “Stall Catchers”:

See at the bottom ^

By clicking their names you can access them directly. Otherwise you can just click on “Stall Catcher” and see ALL the topics in one list, including ones from the Alzheimer’s disease & The Science sub-categories. Like so:

So no topics or categories have disappeared! If in doubt, just head to Stall Catchers and you will find everything there :slight_smile: And if you’re writing a new post, you can choose whether to post it in the main Stall Catchers category, or the Alzheimer’s disease & The Science sub-categories:

The other categories (Suggestions box, Uncategorized and Coffee shop) remain general and can be used for all projects, not just Stall Catchers.

Hope this helps clarify things, and no one is getting lost! :slight_smile: feel free to post here or PM me if you do though.

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