Would it be possible to have share buttons for Facebook, and Twitter?

Would it be possible to have share buttons for the major social networks directly on the stall stall catchers page so we wouldn’t have to do a screenshot to show our progress with our friends? Doing a screenshot takes a lot of time, and share buttons would really increase the amount of sharing of the game on social media.


Hi @MikeLandau - thanks for your question, and yes - definitely, we’ve been planning to implement something like this in due course! (We’ll be working on some more high priority features for a while though, so I’m not sure how soon we can make something like this happen…)

What would you most like to be able to share easily? (That might help us prioritize features)

  • score for one movie
  • overall score / position in leaderboard
  • redeemed points
  • level up
  • achievements like badges - that don’t exist yet but we might implement in the future (“I’ve just completed 100 movies!”, “I just commented on 10 movies!”, “I’ve played for 5 days in a row!” etc)
  • dedications
  • team achievements
  • something else (tell us!)

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I think the badges are a great idea, and I would’ve chosen that is my number one choice if they had actually existed. Also, as far as these polls are concerned, I wish there were some way that we could do ranked voting. In other words, I wish there were some way that we could indicate what is our first choice, second choice, third choice, and so on, so it would be possible to choose more than one option. That way, if our first choice is not chosen for implementation, may be our second choice, or our third choice would be chosen.

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It’s very difficult to choose just one. Frankly, I think all of them should be implemented eventually. The redeemed points option might be the best one to start with because I think that’s the one with the greatest potential to show the highest number of points, so maybe the most impressive achievements should be the ones to be implemented first.

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What are dedications?

Level up would also be a good one because most games on Facebook for example have the ability to post to social media when a level up occurs, so almost everyone is familiar with what that means, so that might be a good option to start with as well.


Hi @MikeLandau!!

Thank you for all of this great feedback! (I am sorry that I am only looking at it now!)

To answer your Q:

Here they are: https://stallcatchers.com/dedications. You can indicate whom are you playing for! :slight_smile:

With regards to polling, we could actually do what you suggest (ranked voting) via a google form! The team is meeting soon to discuss the issue of achievements and strategize, so we may think about doing that too. We will definitely take your feedback into account too, this is awesome! :slight_smile:

Keep it coming…