Now what?

Glad to see that we’ve passed the evaluation test. Does that wrap up the current Stallcatchers game, and we should wait for Game 2 to launch? Or will new data from Game 1 be useful in other ways and we should keep on plugging away as we’ve been doing?

Great question, @jfrancis ! Quick answer - please keep plugging away!

Citizen Science is still relatively new and there remains skepticism in the scientific community about whether members of the greater public can provide data analysis as good as that of scientists in the lab. Passing the evaluation test means we demonstrated that crowd-based analysis is sufficiently accurate to replace the lab-based analysis. In other words, we have now scientifically validated the use of Stall Catchers as a reliable and accurate way to analyze the Alzheimer’s data. Indeed, the crowd-based analysis was so good that in a few cases it revealed errors in the original lab-based data to which it was being compared!

In practice this means we can move forward confidently in analyzing Alzheimer’s research data without any expert intervention. Of course experts may spot check the data from time to time to make sure we are on track, but we have answered the basic question of “can Stall Catchers replace laboratory analysis” with a resounding YES! Now we are focused on two goals - building our community and making more efficient use of each annotation. We have lots of ideas for this and you will see some of these show up as new game and social features as well as ways to track your own research contributions and our progress toward a treatment target.

Regarding a second game, we are indeed developing a vessel tracing activity that will complement the Stall Catchers analysis. For this, we are pushing the envelope to see how much of the analysis we can get the computers to do first, so that we can make the best use of everyone’s precious time. And sometimes getting a machine to do what you want is like trying to get a cat to jump into a bathtub. So this will be one of our key challenges in 2017. For now, Stall Catchers is only going to pick up steam, so please stick with us. We have adventures ahead to help us on our mission to finally thwart this disease.

Best New Year wishes,

Thank you so much for the question, @jfrancis, it’s a really important one!

And thanks @pietro for the answer!

This has now become a blog post, hopefully explaining the same to a wider audience too! :slight_smile:

Thank`s for your answer @pietro. After reading your reply I decide to share my skills and experience I received with StallCather game. Maybe I start a new topic. Hope it will help other members.

Let me explain this thing, what it is. After first few days I found best way for me to work with range control at the bottom to scroll movies. On movie I see how vessel flow by capillary. This capillary was little deeper to bottom, but other capillary closer to front cross it. In place where it crossed naturally is black dot that not moving. I double checked and marked this movie as flowing. It was very hard to detect this issue, and not receive any point for this. I was very disappointed when see that other 27 user marked it as stall. I write this because in some cases one or two experienced members can not have enough vote power over average answer of major users. In future roadmap noted that expert will review time-to-time random user results… Maybe we need better annotation system and some changes, like ALERT button or user reputation system to alert experts. So experts can review limited set of disputed movies that NEED expert answer. Do we need this, I want to hear from community what you think about it.
Best regards, phpguru.